The Pat Reading Case

Pat Reading was a mother in the 1980’s from Litchfield, Connecticut – who had no history of mental illness or dealings with the occult. It started with banging noises in her house, furniture tossing about and being victimized by violent attacks from unseen entities, including bite marks and vicious hair pulling.

John Zaffis was the paranormal investigator on the case, who witnessed and recorded some of these attacks. Sixteen exorcisms failed to drive the demons out, leaving Pat to endure the onslaught until she died from colon cancer. Pat had told those close to her that she felt like she was being attacked by Satanic spirits.

Her daughter Michelle advised that Pat would scream and jerk backward in terrible pain, leaving her in shock. Pat had no history of alcohol abuse or other issues. Locals had reported that the house had been haunted for a long time, before Pat became possessed.




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