The Mystery of Puma Punku’s Precise Stonework

The perfectly smooth cuts, skillfully drilled holes and CNC-style routed shapes present in the thousands of solid stone blocks throughout Puma Punku may not see as amazing to us at first glance. After all, we are part of the 21st century civilization where geometric perfection and high-quality power tools are present in every aspect of our lives. However, this was not the case for the inhabitants of Tiahuanaco in 11,300 B.C. The earlies civilization to develop hand tools that used bronze didn’t appear until around 3600 B.C. (Sumeria). Prior to this, stone tools were the only means of shaping the environment. How then can anyone explain the clear evidence of highly advanced machining processes at Puma Punku? The scholars that try to explain how primitive bronze hand tools can perfectly cut massive granite stones and route geometric shapes are failing to surrender to the simple truth that the only explaination is the presence of advance alien technology, brought to earth by beings from another planet.

Nowhere else in the World have interlocking multi-ton blocks like these been found. Not even in the great Pyramid at Ghiza or at the various other stepped pyramid structures of the ancient World. Many of the wall and platform structures at Puma Punku also show the remnants of metal cleats that added reinforcement to structures. None of the original metal cleats have survived due to the fact that metals corrode into dust after a few hundred years. All that is left from the many routed holes and cleat channels are the shapes created by obviously advanced power-driven machine tools.


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