The Mysterious Case of Don Decker

In 1983, inmate Don Decker was on compassionate leave to attend his grandfather’s funeral and was staying with family friends in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Decker was washing his hands in an upstairs bathroom one evening when he suddenly became dazed and fell to the floor.

When he came downstairs after the incident, Bob Kieffer asked him what had happened to him, since he had deep scratches on his wrist. Decker told Kieffer about collapsing in the bathroom and claimed to have had a vision of an old man wearing what appeared to be a crown. Not long after this, water started dripping from the roof and the walls.

Kieffer called his landlord, thinking that the pipes on the property may have burst or be leaking somewhere.

However, they realized that the pipes were located on the other side of the house and were not faulty. At this point, the water inside the house was falling down like rain as well as leaking upward from the floor. Glancing at Decker, the two men saw that he seemed to be in a trance-like state, and they immediately called the police.

Things got progressively worse after they made the phone call, with Decker levitating off the floor and being flung around the room and against the wall, all while new scratches were appearing on his body. Officer John Baujan and Officer Richard Wolbert arrived at the house, but while Baujan believed something paranormal was happening, Wolbert was not convinced and left the house without filing a report.

The next day, two different officers defied Wolbert’s orders and visited the house to see if they could figure out what was happening. William Davies and John Rundle claimed to have witnessed a gold cross burning Decker’s skin as well as the man being lifted off the ground and thrown across the room. When Decker was taken back to prison, some of the police officers on duty described water traveling up his cell walls and water with the consistency of silicone appearing on a supervisor’s shirt.

A plumber was summoned to the police station, but he became visibly upset and left right away after seeing what was happening inside Decker’s cell. Most of the officers are fully convinced that Decker was possessed by the devil, giving him supernatural powers.




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