The Jersey Devil

The Pine Barrens of New Jersey are a foreboding place, even today. Go back a few hundred years and no doubt they were even more terrifying, especially if you knew the story of the Jersey Devil.

As the legend goes (one version of it anyway) a woman who already had too many children became pregnant once again. Before the child was born she cursed it and said the Devil could have it. On the day of its birth, she got her wish.

The child turned out to be a demon, the Jersey Devil, and it flew up the chimney and out into the forest.

It may sound like a wild superstition, but one thing for certain is that during a brief period in 1909 the Jersey Devil apparently terrorized people from the Pine Barrens, to the Jersey coast, and even into Pennsylvania.

Over 50 separate sightings were reported involving hundreds of people. Police officers shot at the beast to no avail, and a group of fireman who turned a hose of the creature were nearly attacked. New Jersey was in the midst of Devil mania, and the monster seemed to be everywhere.

Today sightings have died down, but the Jersey Devil is still seen on occasion. Skeptic claim the creature is actually a Sandhill Crane or other bird seen under unusual circumstances. But those who encounter the Jersey Devil and live to tell about know what they saw.


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