The Highgate Vampire

A vampire is thought to have stalked the north London cemetery ever since the 1960s.

The stories started after a group of teenagers, who were interested in the occult, began roaming the overgrown and dilapidated cemetery.

On December 21, 1969 one of the group, a man called David Farrant, spent the night there.

Two months later he wrote a letter to the local paper, the Hampstead and Highgate Express, saying he had seen a supernatural shadowy grey figure.

Other people soon began writing to the paper, claiming to have seen all manner of weirdness at the burial ground, including a tall man in a hat, a ghostly cyclist, and a figure wading in to a pond.

Another man called Sean Manchester said he believed ‘a King Vampire of the Undead’, a medieval nobleman who had practised black magic in medieval Wallachia (Romania), had been brought to England in a coffin in the early eighteenth century.

In a rather suspicious coincidence to Bram Stoker’s Dracula they said his followers had bought a house for him in the West End.

The ‘vampire king’ was allegedly buried on the site that later became Highgate Cemetery, and Manchester claimed that modern Satanists had roused him.



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