Howden Moor Incident

Howden Moor sits in the mountains of the Peak District of Northern England.

The Peak District has witnessed several airplane crashes over the years, particularly in and around the area known as the Dark Peak. On March 24, 1997, with a full moon in the sky, a strange object was seen.

At 10:15 PM, two local farmers called the police and asked if the Royal Air Force was conducting training exercises on the moor.

They claimed that they saw low-flying aircraft accompanied by a bright yellow light.

Several more callers reported seeing similar aircraft and hearing sonic booms near the Dark Peak.

While some believed that two RAF jets had crashed somewhere in the area, others claimed that some sort of UFO crashed on Howden Moor.

Initially, the authorities responded to the weird occurrence by deploying a large emergency response team overseen by the South Yorkshire Police.

Before long, however, the official line became that nothing had crashed on the moors that night.

Since then, many conspiracy theorists claim that the whole thing was covered up to hide the fact that extraterrestrials were involved.


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