Demon Murder Trial

Arne Cheyenne Johnson’s court case was the first court case in the United States history in which the defense attempted to prove that the defendant was not guilty by the means of demonic possession and hence, the trial was named “Demon Murder Trial”.

In 1981, Arne Cheyenne Johnson murdered his landlord, Alan Bono, in Connecticut.

But was Johnson really to blame for his actions – or had he been possessed?

In the first ever case to cite demonic possession as a defence for murder, Johnson’s lawyers argued that his actions stemmed from a pattern of erratic behaviour which began when Johnson was just a child.

Johnson’s family had even consulted with “demonologists” Ed and Lorraine Warren, saying that the child had been taunted and harassed by spirits and demons for most of his life.

Ultimately, the judge ruled that demonic possession was NOT a valid defence against first-degree murder.

However, despite being found guilty, Johnson only served five years of his ten-to-twenty year sentence.




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